Roulette Rules & Odds – The Basics

Hi guys welcome to another article today we’re going to do a bit of rule at 101, just explaining the basics of rule out in the odds now i’m using the roulette extreme as an example. So i could show you the odds. It’S a good software to use to test any systems in might design and also see the winning the winning amounts. When you, when you bet certain units, because it obviously you can do combinations, many combinations and to make many systems so to start off.

Obviously, looking at the board, this is a single 0 board, okay, so a single and double 0. The 0 board is that is the european roulette board. So, basically, the odds are a bit better 2.7 % house edge, as opposed to double that which is 5.4 for the double 0. So obviously, the better odds are to have or use a single 0 board if possible, because the chances of you, your success, obviously dropped by 2.7 %.

Now that this is how the house obviously have that edge, because even if you put, for example, we’re going to look at the even-money bet switch down here. So, for example, if we put one unit a dollar on red and that wins, we win back one. But we don’t actually have a fifty percent chance of winning that because of the zero, so the actual chance of winning is technically a bit less. So a single 0 roulette board would be forty eight point, six five percent.

Technically, so that’s that’s! How the house get their edge and obviously over time, make their money, so, starting with the the even money bets we’ve obviously got. The most common people put money on is the red and the black, so they’re, the two main ones. Then. Obviously, we branch out to even odd so any numbers that hit in the even obviously two four six eight you get one back. You put one on one unit.

You win one same with odd win one if you put one unit on obviously black and red the same and also low and high. So you know numbers 12 18, which is obviously the lower half of the board up to the halfway mark and then 19 to 36, which is obviously the higher end of the board. So again they give you one unit back. If you place one unit on you now, the next one is the dozens and they return the same as the columns.

So they actually return, as you might guess, two units, if you get one because obviously there’s only a third that you’re betting on so the first dozen is obviously 12 12 second dollars dozen 13 to 24 and the last dozen twenty-five to thirty six there’s many systems That use the dozens different methods if they don’t just say they’d, the ball doesn’t hit on the third dozen for to say seven or eight spins, then that they place a bet on the third doesn’t, but there’s lots of methods and theories behind that some successful. Some not but anyway, they’re all they’re all methods and their strategies and they will have their merit, but it really depends on what you’re doing. I guess what your intention is and the property you want to generate, but of course, there’s there’s risk to any any betting. You do now, obviously, with the dozens we’ve got the columns okay, so they return the same so two units back, if you bet one so, the first tizen one right through to 34 down this line. 2 235 down this line. 32 36 down this line.

So both the dozens and columns they return to you again. It sounds like a third, but it’s a bit less because of the house percentage 32.4 percent. Now the next next type of betting you can do, is you can call it the sixes or double streets? Okay, so double street is one street is three numbers going across. Double street is obviously double that so six numbers so in this case to say we’re using six double streets.

Okay, breaking up the board. The first double street would be one to six seven to twelve. Thirteen to eighteen nineteen, twenty four of 25 30 31 to 36. Now, obviously, you can do different double dozens between that as in starting at four, so to be four to nine or just say, 16 to 21 sort of half having the board there. So obviously there’s different breakups you can do and that will give you a 16-point two percent return which, which means profit group, so you’d actually win five there so put one on. You actually win five back, so obviously the odds are winning a lower, but you get a higher return as we move on so that obviously moves on to the streets, so the street is obviously the three numbers.

Okay, betting. The three numbers is the street, which gives you eight eight point, one percent obviously having the double street win, and but it gives you 11 so put a unit on you get 11 back. So obviously, looking at streets there’s the double number of the street.

So there’s 12 streets of the c12 lines they’re going across in relation to streets, there’s a street that you can use now. Some people say you shouldn’t do this bit, but it returns the same. So you’re still win 11, which is here which is obviously including the 00 23 in this case. That in a way, is the same return as a street and the same here. So I don’t understand why people say it’s not a good bet to do, because you still get the same return, so it depends again on the system you’re using the next type of it is a corner bet which consists of four numbers so using the first numbers Here is an example 1245, so these numbers would be covered so, where you put the chip is in the center, so that would cover those numbers, so that will give you 8 return so put a dollar on, say and you’ll win 8 back, so the chance of Winning that is a ten point, eight percent now, obviously, as you can see, we could go here. We could go here here here, oops here here here or actually the other side.

There’S lots of conversations, obviously, as you could see, would make up the for the four numbers. Now you could also obviously go here in between, so that’s actually actually covering double covering some numbers twice. So here we’ve got four numbers here and four numbers here. If the five comes out well, then you’re going to get that double return, because the five has been technically hit twice because you bet one unit here, one unit here.

So in effect, let’s take these off. Let’S just choose it’s a 5 and see our return. We’Ve got 16 back, so obviously it’s double usually get four. We’Ve got 16. So again, there’s other many combinations you can do and we’re going to go through some systems that that use those crossover techniques and increase your winnings. Now last two in the the main type of bedding you can do.

Is the splits splits his two numbers now the return for those you bet. One unit gets 17 back again, it’s hard from the corner, so you get five point four percent return. So a split might be 12 17 18 or we could split the other way. 2326.

69, 3134. So there’s example of spit. So you can also obviously to the zero and one that’s still a split. That’S still a split and the 03. That’S still a split same return now, the last main type of bedding, which obviously gives you the the best return but Louis chance of winning is the straight up or single number, so obviously abetting any number. I mean this includes 02.

So just say: we put one year: 9 27 27 hits there’s our return. We won 35. So it’s obviously a very high return but hard to predict. So that’s the basics of the type of bedding in the basic roulette board in the future. Videos we’ll obviously look at systems that combine these basic bits and to the best to obviously minimize your chance of losing and also look at possible progressions to use with those type of systems.