Shindo’s Gamble – Time Travelers English Playthrough

My trading conditions Dad! Shinohara! Oh my daughter! Sorry I’m late! Mikoto.

They didn’t do anything strange to you? No I’m fine. I hope you’ve brought the money. Nope. I didn’t. Are you having a laugh?

Instead I have a memory card. It has the weak point of the detective who hurt you. Oh you brought something interesting… I don’t think its worth 30 million yen however…

This is a betting chip. A bet? Yes. If I win the bet you will free my daughter. What if I win?

TOP: My life. MIDDLE: Shinohara’s life. BOTTOM: Mezaki’s life. If you win… along with the card… I’ll give you Mezaki’s life. Life eh?

Well… good enough. Wha? Hey. Didn’t you just say my life?! Hmm what? I didn’t say that did I?

Yes you did. Well maybe I did. Enjo is that fine? You gotta be kidding me?!

Well well what a childish guy… I don’t understand what you’re saying… Hmm? Did you just… Calm down Mezaki. Didn’t he say “Yorkshire Terrier” just now? What?

Didn’t he just say “Yorkshire Terrier”? Why would he say that? See? He just said “Yorkshire Terrier”! He didn’t! No!

He definitely said “Yorkshire Terrier”! He didn’t say it! You definitely said “Yorkshire Terrier”!! The thing to bet… TOP: My life. MIDDLE: Shinohara’s life. BOTTOM: Mezaki’s life.

If you win… along with the card… I’ll give you Shinohara’s life. What? Ms. Shinohara is a talented woman that has perfected being my assistant.

So what? Cleaning. Washing.

Cooking. Very helpful. On top of that look at this style!

Her age might be a little controversial but that’s could actually considered her charm. I’m telling you it’s not that kind of problem… You don’t need to worry. She is neat, clean and modest and doesn’t forget even the smallest concern.

Professor <3 Brains and Beauty Traditional Japanese Beauty Pure hearted and Pretty When describing her these words would not be an exaggeration! Professor! Please use my life as you please. Well… give up yet? Dad! Shinohara!

What are you saying?! Betting on your assistant’s life… You are also a pretty mean guy Shindo. Geez… you guy’s can’t take a joke… It was a joke?

Of course! I can’t even put into words how valuable you are. Professor <3 If you win… I’ll give you my life with the card.

How about that? If that’s not enough please take this money as well. Shinohara, that money was for your marriage…

It’s fine! Don’t worry about that. Stop playing around! We told you to bring 30 million yen. It’s fine.

Shindo, to bet means to gamble with me right? Yeah. You can choose the type of gamble you like. You said that knowing how much I like to gamble.

Interesting. Let’s play. Boss! Shut up.

Since its a match, let’s use a different game. Mezaki prepare “that”. Yes. What? Don’t try anything funny.

Before the game, just talking is fine right? Finish it up quickly. Mikoto. Calm yourself and listen.

What? I’m not your real father. We’re not related by blood.

What? Hmm? You’re pretty calm. I thought I was telling you something pretty shocking… I always thought that it might be the case. But it doesn’t matter.

To me you are still my dad. I see. Instead, will you tell me about them? My blood related mother and father? Sure. Once this crazy match is over I’ll tell you everything I know.

Boss. It’s ready. Cards? Are we gonna play poker? That would be too mundane. We’re going to play an original game I made up.

We’re going to use these 10 cards. There will be 15 chips. Before we start we need to decide who will be “Parent” and who will be “Child”. I’m going to be the parent OK? Sure. Professor please wait.

Wouldn’t it be better to decide after you’ve listened to the rules? That’s right dad. In a card game, it doesn’t matter who is the “parent” or “child”. Don’t worry about the fine details.

Well then I’m the “parent”. Shindo. You are “hearts”. Now for the rules… Did you understand the rules?

Professor… this means… TOP: Being the parent is beneficial. MIDDLE: Being the child is beneficial. BOTTOM: I have no idea. Being the “Parent” is beneficial according to the rules. That’s why you should have listened to Shinohara! Well… let’s begin.

OK. Show your cards. I won that one. OK next. Show em. This time it’s my win.

This is no good. Why is that? In order to win you need to collect 8 chips right? There are 15 chips so if you need to get more than half then that’s true.

If you think about it the Professor must win the next round. I see. If he loses the opponent will have 5 chips.

Dad only has one chip so far so he’ll have to win both the fourth and fifth round. The card he chooses is important. This could be said to be the deciding moment. The worst case scenario here would be if Dad plays a 2 and the opponent plays a 3.

Yes. Then both players would have a 4 and 5 remaining. The “parent” 5 is the strongest card. So that means Dad won’t be able to beat it… That mean’s this third round is the decider.